The Curse of Vertical Blinds – And How To Get Around Them


I hate vertical blinds.  I always have.  But since I’m stuck with them, I had to figure out an affordable way to get around them without removing the blinds and still be able to return them back to normal, if needed.


Although I really wanted drapes or curtains, I knew my psycho cat, Pepper, would rip them to shreds so I settled on a valance, which is just out of his reach (on a good day, anyway).


Curtain Bracket Extender Vertical Blind


I found these wonderful brackets that extend past the existing vertical blinds hardware and slats for $10.60 on Amazon.

Vertical Blinds Bracket Extend



I purchased these, along with a heavy duty curtain rod ($4.69, Amazon) and easily attached them to the wall.







I then hung the valance and voila!  I still have vertical blinds but they somehow don’t bother me quite as much! And if you don’t have a psycho cat like Pepper, it can easily be done with curtains, as well.



Valance Vertical Blind


Valance Vertical Blind




Valance: United Curtain New Rochelle Lace Waterfall Valance And  Swags (found at Amazon and other online stores)



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