How to Bring Back the Shine in Old Plastic


I love my 1939 RCA Victor radio that I, literally, got for almost nothing at an estate sale.  I’ve cleaned and shined it all up, but those old, plastic knobs were pretty dull, not to mention kinda gross.  How to bring those old plastic knobs back to their former glory?  Vaseline!  I took the knobs off and rubbed Vaseline all over them, let them sit for an hour or so and then wiped and shined them clean.


Considering the knobs are over 75 years old, not bad, huh?



1939 RCA Radio, complete with hookups for your Victrola and that new-fangled thing called Television!
The clean knob on the left with the one still needing work on the right.






















Any useful tips or any other comments?  Fire away below!



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