Quick and Practical Use for Chalkboard Label






In my quest to declutter my kitchen, my one goal was to keep the front of my refrigerator sleek and clean – no baby pics next to the same kid’s high school grad announcement, no cute magnets from that trip we took 12 years ago, no family schedule that I promised we would all fill out (but still dated the year I put it up – and still blank except for that first week) and no shopping list!


Now the rest was easy, into the garbage or the kitchen junk drawer (I’ll deal with that clutter later).  The shopping list, however, was something we did use.  What to do?






Well, I put one of those chalkboard labels that practically stick to anything and stuck it inside my pantry cabinet door.  I found one of those colorful chalk pens, stuck a little velcro patch on the pen as well as on the cabinet door and now, voila, instant grocery list easily accessed when I need to write something down.  Oh, and when it’s time to go shopping, I just snap a photo from my phone and refer to the image as I shop!  Quick, easy and hidden!










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