Free Crochet, Knitting and Other Patterns


Can we talk free for a sec?  I thought so!  As you can tell, we here at Deals4Crafts love a great deal.  And, of course, FREE is the greatest deal of all! There are plenty of places to find free patterns for crocheting, knitting, quilting and other crafts. A quick search on Google proves that. One of my favorites is AllFreeCrochet where they have a wide variety of really nice crochet patterns (sign up for their email and you’ll receive some great pattern choices in your inbox). has some great free knitting patterns, as well.


There are plenty of choices out there for free patterns.  But did you know that if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you have a ton of choices of free books for all kinds of crafts?  I’ve had Kindle Unlimited for years (reading is another one of my many hobbies) and yet, I always seem to forget that I can get my crafts fix there. Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 per month so it’s not for everyone although they do offer a 30-day trial so you can check it out before committing.  However, if you are a huge reader, like I am, you may find that it is, in fact, quite reasonable.  I, for one, tend to find a pattern I have to have, buy and download it on a whim, then realize I probably could have found that pattern (or something similar) for free, whether on the free sites I mentioned or in my Kindle Unlimited subscription.


(In case you aren’t familiar with Kindle Unlimited, it’s a subscription through Amazon that allows you to read books for free – there are a ton of books to choose from.  They also have audio books to choose from.  It’s very similar to Amazon Prime, but books instead of movies and music.)


So, just wanted to share that thought with you as I had realized I had done it again – purchased a pattern before checking other free options.  Happy Frugal Crafting!


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